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Disclosure Notice Under the Financial Institutions Act
Province of British Columbia

The Financial Institutions Act requires that the information contained in this Disclosure Notice be provided to a customer in writing prior to the customer entering a financial transaction.

RE: Application for Insurance for Commercial General Liabilty? Program, Oasis Outdoor Adventure & Sports Insurance Solutions Inc.

  1. Oasis Outdoor Adventure & Sport Insurance Inc. is licensed as a general insurance agent by the Insurance Council of British Columbia.
  2. This transaction is between you and Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's.
  3. In soliciting the transaction described above, I am representing Oasis Outdoor Adventure & Sports Insurance Solutions Inc. which represents Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's.
  4. The nature and extent of my interest in Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's is none.
  5. The nature and extent of Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's interest in me is none.
  6. Upon completing this transaction, I will be remunerated by way of commission or other remuneration which will be paid to me by Oasis Outdoor Adventure & Sports Insurance Solutions Inc., the agency which I represent.
  7. The Financial Institutions Act prohibits Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's or me from requiring you to transact additional or other business with Lloyd's of London, Traveller's and Various MGA's as a condition of this transaction.

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to proceed with the application.

Bike Safety Instructor Application

General Liability Insurance Application for
Bike Safety Instructors (Non-Motorized) (For Safety Training Purposes Only)

Important Notice

  1. All questions must be answered to enable a quotation to be given, but completion does not bind you or Underwriters to enter into any contract of insurance. If space is insufficient to answer any questions fully, please attach a signed continuation sheet. You should retain a copy of the completed application (and of any other supporting information) for future reference.
  2. You are recommended to request a specimen copy of the proposed master policy wording from your insurance broker and to consider carefully the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions applicable to the coverage.
  3. This application is for the Commercial General Liability coverage. Participants must sign approved waivers under this program and therefore you may wish to consider a voluntary "Participants Accident" policy as well.
  4. A copy of your current Instructor Certification must accompany this application.
  5. Applications including attachments must be faxed toll free to 1 866 488 6122 or email

Business Information

  1. $
  2. Certified Safety Training Instructor Information (complete for each instructor)

  3. General Operations

  4. Detail all claims or incidents that could have resulted in claims.

Where (a) an Applicant for this contract gives false particulars to the prejudice of the insurer or knowingly misrepresents or fails to disclose any fact in any part of this application required to be stated therein; or (b) the insured contravenes a term of the contract or commits a fraud; or (c) the insured willfully makes a false statement in respect of a claim, a claim will become invalid and the Insured’s right to recovery is forfeited.

The Applicants have reviewed the contents of this application and acknowledge that all the information is true and correct and understand that this application for insurance is based on the truth and completeness of this information.

I have provided personal information in this document and otherwise and I may in the future provide further personal information. Some of this personal information may include, but is not limited to, my credit information and claims history. I authorize my broker or insurance company to collect, use and disclose any of this personal information, subject to the law and to my broker’s or insurance company’s policy regarding personal information, for the purposes of communicating with me, assessing my application for insurance and underwriting my policies, evaluating claims, detecting and preventing fraud, and analyzing business results. I confirm that all individuals whose personal information is contained in this document have authorized that I agree to the above on their behalf.

ABOUT OASIS Outdoor Adventure & Sport Insurance Solutions Inc.

OASIS Outdoor Adventure & Sport Insurance Solutions Inc. offers a national general liability program for accredited ATV, Off Road Trail Bikes and Snowmobile Safety Instructors while providing their courses.

Our specialties include, working with non-profit clubs, trail related exposures, outdoor adventure risks, large commercial, as well as standard line products.

For clients who own pedal bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s Dirt Bikes or Snowmobiles, go to to find a local broker.


OASIS Outdoor Adventure & Sport Insurance Solutions Inc.

10020 12th Ave
North Battleford, SK
S9A 3A4
Phone: 1-306-446-2747

Toll Free 1-866-979-2747
Fax 1-866-488-6122
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